Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator
Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator

Plastic Grinding Milling Granulator adopts Japanese design principles, employs the principles of grinding rapidly, agitating continuously, milling and fraction to be heated with multi-knives and cooling and contracting. It produces granules from waste materials and angle materials such as the plastic films, filament, ribbons, pieces, soft plastic pipes, foaming materials, and degrading materials, and puts then into reproduction .It is the latest ideal granulating equipment to recycle plastics and reproduce.

Main Functions:

    1. Recycle the waste materials and leftover bits and pieces of various flexible plastic films, bags, filament, ribbons, pieces, and pipes such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene of higher density, and linear polyethylene of lower density, and put them into reproduction.

    2. Recycle and reproduce the grinding and granulating of degrading plastic films and angle materials.

    3. Grind chemical fiber waste materials, and process the waste filament that has been put into reproductions.

    4. The machine is applied in many respects. It can be substitute for blending machine or dryer.


Main Features:

    A: Milling, mixture and staining can be processed all in one

    B: The machine takes up little area of land

    C: It is characterized by simple structure and ease of operation

    D: The interstitial of the blade can be adjusted with convenience of replacing.

    E: It is characterized by high efficient in production and low consumption(1 ton of daily production ,and 200 degrees of electricity consumption ).

    F: Granulate at lower temperature, do not damage molecular structure of materials basically, and do not damage physical performance.


Main Technical Variables:


Capacity of Barrel




Output Capacity




Main Motor Power




Water Adding Device




Heating Power




Rotary Speed of Main Shaft




Overall Dimensions


1300×600×1300 mm

※Correct specifications depend on the actual model. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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