T-shirt Bag making Machine
T-shirt Bag making Machine
T-shirt Bag making Machine

T-shirt Bag making Machine

Automatic Plastic shopping bag machine is Special design with a view to keeping the punching hold at the suitable place,it can make the bottom of the bag well-arranged and orderly in block. Use the auto-conveyor belt to collect the punching waste for easily to tide up.

Spare parts:

1. servo motor 2 set -panasonic from Japan

2. PLC 1 set - panasonic from Japan

3. Hydraulic puncher 2 sets

4. Automatic EPC

T-shirt Bag Machine

T-shirt Bag making Machine

Automatic T-shirt Bag making Machine

Main Technical Variables:



Max Bag width


Max Bag length



2 lines

Film thickness


Machine speed


Bag printed

Can produce printed bag and without printed bag

Bag Material

LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,recycle film


T-shirt bag,Shopping bag,super market bag,KFC bag

Air pressure


Total Power


Weight of machine


Machine size 


High Speed Automatic T-shirt Bag Machine

High Speed Automatic T-shirt Bag Machine

If you only buy one machine,we will pack machine with wooden pack,and loading container with Less Than Container Load(LCL).

Our Main parts cooperator as following brand,but standard parts all made from China.

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