Plastic Bag Machine

Kingdom Machine is a plastic bag machine manufacturer & supplier in China, you can choose the appropriate machine type according to your actual production needs. The price of a plastic bag-making machine is related to the order machine quantity, other customized services, and related equipment.The plastic bag machine has the characteristics of low noise and high production efficiency. The length of the bag is automatically adjusted, and the length of the bag is accurate.


Plastic Bag Making Machine Manufacturers-Kingdom Machine


High Precision

The machine can accurately control the size, thickness and shape of the plastic bag to ensure the quality of the plastic bag.

Cost Reduction

Plastic Bagine machine can achieve automated production and reduce human investment.

Safety Guarantee

It can produce a variety of specifications and types of plastic film, which can be customized according to customer needs and requirements.


Our machine can be customized according to customer needs to meet the different production needs of customers.

All-round Service

We provide pre -sale consultation, training, and after-sales maintenance to ensure that customers get the best experience.

Quick Delivery

We have efficient production capacity and excellent supply chain management to quickly deliver the machines required by customers.

Shopping Plastic Bag Making Machine Overview

Size: small,heavy duty

Automatic grade:Semi-automatic,Fulli automatic

Purpose: Used in the packaging industry to produce shopping bags, grocery bags, garbage bags, and other types of plastic packaging.

Bag type: T-shirt Bag, Bottom Sealing Bag, Side Sealing Bag, Courier Bag, Zipper Bag, Plastic bag, Packaging bag,Woven bag,Sealing bag,Flat bag,Paper bag,Rolling bag,etc.

Application:Manufacturing plant,Printing shops,Food,Retail,Restaurant,Advertising company,Garment shops,Machinery repair,Home use,Farm,Building material shops,etc.

Production capacity: It depends on the production capacity of different plastic bag-making machines.

Plastic bag-making production line: Extruder, Printing machine, Slitting machine, Folding machine,.etc.

Core components:Motor,PLC,Bearing,Gear,Engine,Gearbox,Pump,Pressure vessel,Other

Each type of Plastic Bag Machine is designed to meet specific production needs and can be customized to produce bags of different materials, sizes, and features.